Aug 13, 2019

Atlanta-Based Ornstein-Schuler Group of Companies Announces New Film Tax Credit Division

ATLANTA, GA — The Ornstein-Schuler Group of Companies announced today that it has opened a new entertainment tax credit division specializing in the brokerage of film tax credits, called Ornstein-Schuler State Film Tax Credits*.  

Film tax credits can be applied to offset 100% of individual or corporate state income tax liability and generally sell for about 90 cents on the dollar.

We have plenty of 2019 tax credits & prior year tax credits from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 which can be applied retroactively for a tax refund.

We currently offer film tax credits in Georgia.

Ornstein-Schuler State Film Tax Credits is excited to offer the brokerage of entertainment tax credits for individuals and businesses to our growing client base.  Our deep and growing relationships in the entertainment tax credit marketplace with best-in-class production companies have allowed us to hit the ground running and we look forward to future growth,” said Matt Ornstein, Chief Executive Officer of the Ornstein-Schuler Group of Companies.

* Ownership in Ornstein-Schuler Tax Solutions LLC is held by ThreeCo LLC, a separate legal entity and affiliate of the Ornstein-Schuler Group of Companies. Minority partners unrelated to the Ornstein-Schuler Group of Companies also own interests in Ornstein-Schuler Tax Solutions LLC.  Ornstein-Schuler Tax Solutions LLC is not an investment company, nor does it sell any investments or securities. Rather, Ornstein-Schuler Tax Solutions LLC brokers the sale of state issued entertainment tax credits.